Material Resources

Here, you will find the resources that are currently being used to support our activities and projects. Please share.

  1. Drawdown Graphics
    1. Drawdown Framework
    2. Drawdown Sources and Sinks
  2. Fridays For Future Toronto September 25th
  3. TED Countdown
  4. ClimateFast UN World Environment Day
  5. UN World Environment Day
  6. Guides
  7. United Nations Environment Programme info cards
  8. Posters
  9. Stay Calm and Wash Your Hands poster
  10. Fridays For Future April3rd large sticker
  11. Fridays For Future April 3rd banner
  12. Fridays For Future April 3rd small poster
  13. Fridays For Future April 3rd large poster
  14. Additional poster and image files for Fridays For Future April 3rd
  15. Fridays For Future November 29th leaflet
  16. Fridays For Future November 29th poster
  17. Kitchen Table Climate Conversations
  18. Stickers
  19. Postcards
  20. Buttons
  21. Fridays For Future Chant List
  22. Slogans for Signs

There is no Plan B- only one living planet!
Our time, our Earth! Climate Action Now!
No jobs on a Dead Planet
Just transition to a clean economy!
No to Climate Change, yes to System Change!
System Change not Climate Change
Problem: Climate Change. Solution: System Change!
Too Damn Hot! Climate Action now!
Too Damn Wet! Climate Action now!
Capitalism= Human Extinction
Warning: Climate Catastrophe Ahead!
It’s getting hot in here, so kick out all your politicians!
Our house is on fire!
Danger Ahead: Climate Crisis
Unite and Strike for Climate!
I’m fighting for your future!
Solidarity with Students for Future!
I support climate action, and I vote!
Canada: Floods. Brazil: Fires. Europe: Heat wave. Arctic: 30 degrees! Africa: fires. Wake up folks- its a Climate crisis!
Would be cooler if you cared about climate change
Would be cooler if we took climate action
Cause: Unjust resource distribution. Effect: climate crisis.
the people have the power and the people want climate action
Out of time! Climate Action now!
If the Climate were a bank- it would be saved by now!
If the Climate was a company- it would be saved by now!
I want you to panic- our house is on fire!
When the bees go, we all go
Planet before Profit
Planet over Profit
Indigenous rights! Workers rights! Women’s rights! LGBQTTS rights! Immigrant Rights! Climate Justice! All IN !!
Climate Justice now!
My kids want a sustainable future!
Get your politics off my future
One earth, last chance
Last chance to save the planet!
Climate solution not pollution
You can’t eat money
I support Climate Action and I’m in a Union!
I support Climate Action and I’m a taxpayer!
Get your greedy hands off my children’s future!
Keep it in the ground!

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